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Logo Design

Open Camps, the world’s largest hackathon community based in New York City, organizes major events at renowned landmarks such as the World Trade Center and other key locations in Manhattan.

We had the opportunity to create a new brand identity for Open Camp (the parent company) as well as two event designs: Design Camps for designers and Map Camps focused on developing real-time mapping with Google Maps. When we presented the new branding to the Open Camps board, we received an enthusiastic standing ovation, which filled us with excitement and satisfaction.  

opencamps color
designcamp color
mapscamp color
icon oc
icon dc
icon mc

We were looking for a typography that would help us connect concepts of technology, coding, and modernity. For this, we made the decision to use a Sans Serif typeface superfamily with a geometric construction structure and Mono Variant, such as the IBM Plex Font.

opencamps 03
opencamps 04



poster 06
poster 07
poster 08
01. indoor billboard mockup
55 Water St. Brooklyn, NY 111201
Made with in NYC