Felipe Lopera

Felipe Lopera

Branding & Design

As a Senior Graphic Designer at John Luke Studio, I bring a wealth of expertise in branding, packaging, UX, and typographic design. My work is distinguished by a commitment to integrating innovative techniques and tools, fueled by my investigative curiosity. This approach enables me to create visual projects that effectively communicate and inspire transformative actions.

At John Luke Studio, I focus on introducing processes and methodologies that boost efficiency and consistency, especially in brand collaborations. My aim is to enhance the studio’s creative output, ensuring each project leaves a lasting impact.

My portfolio is marked by collaborations with notable brands like Suarez Clothing, Saju, Mate Sara, and Oh Baby Games. In these projects, I have played crucial roles as a brand designer, strategist, and art director, demonstrating my versatile skills and deep understanding of brand dynamics.

Originating from Bogot√°, my work is deeply influenced by my cultural background, lending a unique perspective and richness to my designs. I see graphic design as a potent tool for societal change and positive transitions, a philosophy that drives my creative process.

Beyond my professional life, I have a deep passion for audiovisual content, ranging from video games and series to movies and comics. This passion allows me to share meaningful experiences with friends and family, enriching my creative perspective and approach.

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