Oiza Jagun (OJ)

Executive Assistant, Project Manager

As the Executive Assistant to John-Luke Laube and Project Manager at John Luke Studio, I bring a unique combination of project management expertise, cultivated through a dynamic career. My professional journey began at Dá Design Studio in Lagos, Nigeria, where I spent four years mastering my skills. During my time there, I played a crucial role in managing a variety of projects, significantly enhancing the studio’s reputation in the design industry.

My portfolio is marked by the management of key projects for high-profile clients such as Paystack and Green Africa. My work on the Green Africa project, a collaboration with Pentagram, showcased my ability to effectively coordinate with international teams and manage complex, multi-layered projects. My approach to project management is meticulous, with a keen attention to detail and a natural talent for foreseeing and mitigating potential challenges, ensuring seamless project execution.

Apart from my professional life, I am deeply committed to Document Women, an initiative close to my heart. This engagement reflects my dedication to community and social causes, offering a creative outlet that complements my professional responsibilities. At John Luke Studio, I leverage my project management skills to contribute to the studio’s growth and success, making me an invaluable member of the team.

55 Water St. Brooklyn, NY 111201
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