Yira Thaly Padrón


In my youth, the prospect of voyaging to far-flung lands seemed like an impossible dream. However, I was captivated by the art of storytelling, and I fondly recall my grandfather, comfortably nestled in his rocking chair, beckoning me to join him in front of the television. ‘Through this screen,’ he would say, ‘you can explore the world.’ Mesmerized, I spent countless hours by his side, and thus began my enduring love affair with the boundless potential of audiovisual media to connect and transport individuals.

Today, as a confident and accomplished photographer, Yira Thaly still embodies that same wide-eyed curiosity of her youth. With every snap of her camera, she finds a way to recount the tales that words alone cannot express. For Yira Thaly, photography is more than a mere art form, it is a means of sharing the stories of our world and its inhabitants with all who will listen.

55 Water St. Brooklyn, NY 111201
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